1. Introduction

Welcome to AutoIPTVPanel, the all-in-one solution for managing your IPTV business. Our platform automates the process of generating accounts on IPTV panels and delivering them to your customers, making it easier than ever to sell IPTV subscriptions.

To get started with AutoIPTVPanel, there are a few things you'll need. First and foremost, you should have your own selling website. We recommend using WordPress, as it's a popular and easy-to-use platform for building and managing websites. With WordPress, you can customize your website to suit your brand and your customers' needs, and integrate it with AutoIPTVPanel seamlessly.

In addition to your website, you'll also need an IPTV panel to generate accounts for your customers. AutoIPTVPanel supports a range of popular IPTV panels, including Xtream Codes, allowing you to choose the one that works best for you.

With AutoIPTVPanel, you can streamline your IPTV business and focus on what matters most - marketing your high-quality content to your customers. Whether you're a reseller or an IPTV provider, our platform has everything you need to succeed.

Stay tuned for the next section of our documentation, where we'll walk you through the process of integrating your WordPress website with AutoIPTVPanel.

2. Integration Steps

This step is required to send order information from your wordpress to autoiptvpanel.

  • 2.1 Add a webhook to wordpress
  • 2.2 AutoPanel Setting: Add server
  • 2.3 AutoPanel Setting: Add email templates
  • 2.4 Move the cursor up to advance at the top of the screen
  • 2.5 Product Variation Setting

2.1 Add a webhook to wordpress

This step is required to send order information from your wordpress to autoiptvpanel.

  • 1. Go to your wordpress admin page
  • 2. Go to Woocommerce
  • 3. On the dropdown, select settings
  • 4. Move the cursor up to advance at the top of the screen
  • 5. Locate Webhooks
  • 6. Click "Add webhook"
  • 7. On the fields displayed, input the following:
    • Name: Order Updated
    • Status: Active
    • Topic: Order updated
    • Delivery URL: https://autoiptvpanel.com/api/order_updated/
    • (Test Mode): https://test.autoiptvpanel.com/api/order_updated/
    • Secret: Empty value will set random secret.
      (This secret is required when you add server on AutoPanel Setting. Keep this secret value safe.)
    • API Version: WP REST API Integration v3
  • 8. Check whether the information you entered is correct
  • 9. If yes, click Save Webhook

  • WordPress must send webhook immediately in synchronized mode to prevent order processing delay.
    For that reason:

    • 10. Return to your Wordpress Menu
    • 11. Click Appearance
    • 12. Select Theme Editor
    • 13. Wait as the system redirects you to a new window
    • 14. Move the cursor to Theme Files
    • 15. Tap functions.php
    • 16. Copy and Paste this code

        // To speed Up woocommerce order Webhooks
        add_filter('woocommerce_webhook_deliver_async', '__return_false' );

    • 17. Click Update File

2.2 AutoPanel Setting: Add server

After integrating webhook to WordPress, you must register your server info on AutoIPTV Panel.
This step is required to accept webhooks coming from your WordPress.

First, contact Admin on the Telegram group for approval.
Have you got permission? If yes, follow these steps to register your server info.

  • 1. On the left sidebar, go to settings/servers
  • 2. Click "+" icon to add your reseller info per brand name
  • 3. Input all the fields
    • Server Name: This should be the same as your product name on WordPress. In this tutorial, it will be Solver Host.
    • Server Prefix: Solver Host (Enter your brand name, and it will be added to the Delivery email)
    • Panel Name: domain.xyz.25500 (Put your IPTV Panel URL)
    • Username: SolverHost (Input your IPTV panel username)
    • Password: Input your IPTV panel password
    • Reseller ID: 78. (Keep it blank if you don't know your reseller ID. Admin will find this value and fill in the review step)
    • Server Type: Keep it by default. Admin will set this value in the review step.
    • Package: This value varies on your panel version. Keep it by default. Admin will set this value in the review step.
  • 4. Tick the boxes per your requirement
    • Auto: Enable this field as you will use the auto function.
    • Captcha: If your panel has a captcha when login, enable this field.
    • Username as Email: This is the selection for the account naming rule on your IPTV panel. For now, we have two options:
      • First: Create an Account username the same as the Email Address.
      • Second: Create an Account with the first part of your email.
        • i. 1st option: testuser@gmail.com will be the streaming account username
        • ii. 2nd option: testuser will be the account username

        If you want some other naming rules, contact Admin.

    • Has Admin: If you own an IPTV panel, enable this field
    • Enabled: Enable this field. If you want to hide this server, change it to Disabled.
  • 5. Review email login details
    Your email login is required for sending delivery emails under your email. Replied emails from customers will go into your mailbox.
  • 6. Sell URL: Insert your WordPress website domain name. Example: solverhost.com
  • 7. Sell Customer Key, Sell Customer Secret: Keep them as blank.
  • 8. Sell Webhook Secret: Get the Webhook Secret value generated from the first step - If you didn’t save, go to WordPress webhook settings again, find the "order_updated" webhook you created, and click edit. You will get this webhook secret value there, then copy and paste it to this field.
  • 9. To confirm the webhook secret, go to the servers
  • 10. On the server panel, scroll to the right
  • 11. Copy the Sell Webhook Secret
  • 12. Check admin approval. Not approved if "x"
  • 13. Finally, click "Add server" button
  • 14. Contact the admin about this update in discord group.

2.3 AutoPanel Setting: Add email templates

To send delivery emails to your customers, you must upload your delivery email template, trial email template, and renew email template.
Trial and Renew Email template can be uploaded later. But you must upload the delivery email template now.
If you still don't have email templates, get the template files from the site admin and customize them per your brand.

2.3.1 Create/Edit Email Template

Let's discuss merge tags. Merge tags are the unique strings in EMAIL CONTENT.
For example, if a string is written as "$_username", it will be replaced with the customer's username automatically when you send a delivery email.
Check other merge tags examples below:

  • 1. Merge Tags (for delivery, trial email template):
    • $_username: Replace with your customer account username
    • $_password: Replace with your customer account password
    • $_expirydate: Replace with your customer account expiry date
  • 2. Merge Tags (for the renew email template):
    • $_order_no: Replace with the order number.
    • $_server_name: Replace with your brand server name.
    • $_month: Replace with order months.
    • $_connection: Replace with order connections.
    • $_expirydate: Replace with the order expiry date.
So, the customer's order information will replace these merge tags.
If you want to add other merge tags, contact Admin.

2.3.2 How to upload Email Template on AutoPanel

  • 1. Go to Settings/Delivery Templates, Click "+" button
  • 2. Input each field
    • Template Name: Input Product Name
    • Server: Select your server added
    • Trial, active, or tested: Keep as it is
  • 3. Write the title of your email: for example - Here is $_service_prefix Delivery !!! Order #$_orderno
  • 4. Upload your template file
  • 5. Click "Add Template" button
  • 6. Repeat the process to add other delivery email templates
  • 7. Click "Dashboard" to return to home

2.4 Wordpress Product Setting

2.4.1 How to Add Product Attributes

Add "months" and "connections" attributes as IPTV streaming accounts has these attributes.
Follow these steps to gift specific characteristics to your products:

  • 1. Go WordPress / Products / Attributes
  • 2. Type a name in the name field. For example, "connections"
       (You can change the name in any language, but the slug should be the same.)
  • 3. Mark 'Enable Archives' to have product archives in your store
  • 4. Click add attribute

Each attribute should have values.
"connections" attribute can have 5 values. "1 connections", "2 connections", … "5 connections"
"months" attribute can have 4 values. "1 months", "3 months", … "6 months"
From now, we are going to add values to "connections" and "months" attribute

  • 5. You can edit, delete or add attribute values
  • 6. To add new connections, click "connections" attribute name
  • 7. Enter number of connections. You can have 1 connection, 2 connection, 3 connection...
  • 8. Return to the product attribute page to add the number of months
    • Name: Inert the name of the month. For instance, 03 Months
    • Slug: Type the slug name. In this case, 3-months
  • 9. To find the product variations, return to the product page
  • 10. Now you can see various connections and months for the product

2.4.2 How to Add New Product

  • 1. Go to All Products
  • 2. Check the list of products
  • 3. On this page, Click Add New
  • 4. Go to the new window
  • 5. Insert product name.
       (This should be the same as the Server Name in the autopanel server setting. Confirm again!)
  • 6. Scroll to product data and select variable product
  • 7. Click attributes
  • 8. "From this dropdown box", Choose "connections" already defined in the previous step
  • 9. Click add
  • 10. Do the same for "Months" attribute
  • 11. Enable "used for variations"
  • 12. Click on values field on the connections section
  • 13. Wait until connections values appear
  • 14. Select number of variations from the dropdown
  • 15. Go to months section and click values
  • 16. Wait as the month(s) loads
  • 17. Select months
  • 18. Click "Save Attribute"

2.4.3 How to Add Product Variations for Cost

  • 1. Go to the product edit page again
  • 2. On Product Data, select variable product
  • 3. Go to "Variations"
  • 4. Choose Add Variation
  • 5. Click "Go"
  • 6. Select the number of connections
  • 7. Choose the number of months
  • 8. Scroll to the price field
  • 9. Insert price
  • 10. Click "Save Changes"
  • 11. Repeat steps 4 to 10 to add other product variations
  • 12. Finally, hit publish to make your product website accessible

2.4.4 Test Product Attributes

  • 1. Type website URL
  • 2. Click Quick View to check if product attributes are added
  • 3. Choose a "connection" and "month"
  • 4. Click "Add To Cart"
  • 4. Congratulations!

3. Live Test

AutoIPTVPanel Admin will do the live test and approve your server.
To get update about the progress, Contact AutoIPTVPanel Admin in Telegram Group!

This video shows the full integration steps.

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